About Eso

We create nutrition. Our clean-label beverages are champions for guilt-free, healthy indulgences and are designed to empower people to own their journey to wellness with every sip of Eso.

Our Founder's Story

Seeing her mom experience skin flare-ups and reactions to store-bought food with additives and preservatives, Eso's founder, Olamide Olatunbosun was inspired to create Eso. We needed products that were honest and truly transparent about what we put in our bodies.

We needed products that are good-for-you, without the modern trappings of preservatives, additives and extra loads of artificial ingredients. The market needed brands that embraced simplicity because the future is simple.

Ethical Sourcing

We're committed to sourcing our tigernuts from Africa because we want to bolster the agricultural productivity of the region. In doing so, smallholder African farmers will be able to participate in the wealth created from their resources.

Sustainable Freshness

ESO uses only sterilized spouted pouches that are reliable, safe and convenient. It keeps our all-natural beverages fresh and sealed. These innovative packaging solutions are produced with lesser energy, limiting its greenhouse gas emissions. With advanced aseptic technology, we’re giving you the choice to not refrigerate your ESO packs. It is the easy, grab-and-go and ready to drink design that simply matches the everyday modern and sustainably conscious lifestyle.

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